Aug 032014
William Sichel reaches 3,000 Miles!

William Sichel reaches 3,000 Miles!

Only 100 Miles to go…. Alan Young at trackside tells me that William reached 3,000 Miles in 49 Days 05 hours 50 minutes and 15 seconds.

It will probably come as no surprise that (as usual, subject to later confirmation & ratification etc) this will be a new Scottish & British M60 & Overall Record as well as an M60 World Record.

To the best of our knowledge, no-one of William’s age (60) has ever run this far during a race before.

More updates as I get them…


Aug 032014

934783_266775996854137_8943755709501414091_nAs William approaches 3,000 Miles we are (for hgim) getting very close to the end of the race, so if you want to send him a message to encourage him over the final, gruelling 100+miles, then now would be a very good time to do so!

You can leave a message on the blog or on facebook and I’ll pass it on to William or by using a web-form provided by the race organisers on this LINK

Aug 022014
William Sichel passes 2,900 miles - 'only' another 200 Miles to go.....

William Sichel passes 2,900 miles – ‘only’ another 200 Miles to go…..

Around 2.30am UK time Alan emailed to say that William was “…Just through 2900 miles around 8:30pm {NY Time}” And that he was still “… Going well even though it is a sticky NY evening”.

More news coming up shortly, but the exitement is beginning to mount as William has less than 200 miles still to run in order to become the first Scot, the first Briton, the first person over 60 and the oldest athlete ever to complete the 3,100 mile race…

Jul 312014

934783_266775996854137_8943755709501414091_nEarlier today, just before his bedtime (bear in mind New York is in a different timezone to Orkney!), Alan Young emailed to tell me William had a “…Good day. 125 laps in really ideal conditions. Lights out 00:36″.

I’ll just make an aside here – if I recall, William’s previous daily best was 119 laps. 125 laps means that he’s improving a fair bit at present!

Circa 5.30 UK time, Alan emailed again (this being the next day in New York) to tell me that William was “Now through 2800 miles”.


Jul 312014


Today, 31st July, is the 20th anniversary of my first standard road ultra, the Scottish 100km Championships, held at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh.

I was almost completely unknown and to my absolute astonishment I won it in 8 hours 01 minute 10 seconds!  My quads were killing me but I was ‘walking on air’.  I had discovered a talent for ultra running that over the next 20 years would take me far and wide as part of the amazing ultra community.

Race organiser, Adrian Stott, looked after this raw beginner very well and my crew was John Sneddon, still very active in Comrades and many ultra races.

The legend Don Richie, who wasn’t racing that weekend, later advised me ‘not to be afraid to try other distances and events’ so I did and went on to work my way up in distance to 1000 miles, setting record after record as I went.

When you read this I will, hopefully, be coming to the end of the World’s Longest Certified Footrace – 3100 miles – I wonder how I will be getting on?

Jul 302014
2,700 Miles covered,'just' 400 more miles left to run...

2,700 Miles covered,’just’ 400 more miles left to run…

After 45 days + of running, the first person to finish the 3,100 miles – and thus the race winner – is Sarvagata Ukrainskyi .

Around 5.35 am UK time Alan Young emailed me to let me know that Willia had passed 2,700 miles (thus leaving a ‘mere’ 400 miles to go.

A little later, after William had turned in for a brief night’s sleep, Alan added : “Another good day 118 laps and passed 2700 miles. Fine conditions and low humidity. Very strong and vey focused. Lights out 00:34.”

William has been running very consistently for quite some time now. The previous day Alan had written : “119 laps today. Super day all round. Not too hot, not to humid.” Alan commented also that William was “…really eating loads ice cream and very little race food.”
So there you have it – the secret to turning in a top athletic performance when you are in your 60s is to eat as much ice-cream as possible.*

To put things in a better context though – For the last 21 days William run between 61 and 68 miles per day. At one point, following his calf strain, William was 69 miles behind the cut off distance – but now he is 23 miles ahead of the cut-off (and by the time you read this will probably have increased this figure).

Those of you who follow William’s races regularly will be pretty much used  to seeing him turn out amazing performances, but I do just want to stress a couple of the figures again.

For the last 3 weeks, every day, William has covered 61 to 68 miles a day. While also recovering from a calf injury. And at the age of 60.

There are quite a few very respectable runners who do less that 61-68 miles per week.

For most people, even averagely fit people, running 68 miles in a month wouldn’t be bad going.

So imagine taking something like a decent weekly training mileage, running it a day, and repeating this for 21 days, while also only getting around 5 hours sleep per night.






*As long as you remember to also run 3,100 miles in about 7 and a half weeks or less….

Jul 272014

3,100 Miles is a long way to go on foot…10479228_264410737090663_1825712167834252883_n

At 10am, William stops for a brief break…

10am breaK

It can be hot in New York in July, especially so when you come from Orkney….


The body has to be fuelled on it’s epic journey… So what is William currently enjoying?

IMG00025-20140726-1710As Alan puts it : “Beer (non-alcholic), one bottle each night before bed. Ice-Cream, 2 Litres per day. Heavy Cream, 1/4 Litre per day…”

The efforts and achievements of the athletes are appreciated by many, including local amatuer street artists :


And this photo probably says it all:IMG00019-20140724-0910

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