Aug 052014

William Sichel reached 3,100 Miles in 50 Days 15 hours 06 minutes and  04 seconds.

This will set a bunch of new records at the Scottish M60, Scottish Overall, British M60, British Overall and World M60 levels.

William has now run further in a single, measured race than any other Scot, any other British athlete, and/or anyone over the age of 60 – ever.

He has become the first Scot, the first Briton, the first person over the age of 60, and the oldest person ever to complete the 3,100 mile distance within the official time limit.

BUT while the race itself if officially over for William,apart from a brief pause for photos etc, he isn’t stopping just yet – he’s actually carrying on running for another 13 or so laps to reach the round figure of 5,000 km.

More updates & photos etc as I get them…

Aug 042014

10386778_885584108121753_8229648206611558565_n3100 Mile Race : Sri Chinmoy “Self-Transcendence” USA
After what was quite a tough day for William both physically and mentally, Alan tells me that William covered

“119 laps today…”

which ‘only’

“… leaves 105 to go.”

Our predicition is that, assuming all goes well, William is likely to reach 3,100 miles circa 9-10pm (NY time) which is 4 hours behind the UK (so possibly any time from midnight tonight onwards, UK time).

More news as I get it…

Aug 032014
William Sichel reaches 3,000 Miles!

William Sichel reaches 3,000 Miles!

Only 100 Miles to go…. Alan Young at trackside tells me that William reached 3,000 Miles in 49 Days 05 hours 50 minutes and 15 seconds.

It will probably come as no surprise that (as usual, subject to later confirmation & ratification etc) this will be a new Scottish & British M60 & Overall Record as well as an M60 World Record.

To the best of our knowledge, no-one of William’s age (60) has ever run this far during a race before.

More updates as I get them…


Aug 032014

934783_266775996854137_8943755709501414091_nAs William approaches 3,000 Miles we are (for hgim) getting very close to the end of the race, so if you want to send him a message to encourage him over the final, gruelling 100+miles, then now would be a very good time to do so!

You can leave a message on the blog or on facebook and I’ll pass it on to William or by using a web-form provided by the race organisers on this LINK

Aug 022014
William Sichel passes 2,900 miles - 'only' another 200 Miles to go.....

William Sichel passes 2,900 miles – ‘only’ another 200 Miles to go…..

Around 2.30am UK time Alan emailed to say that William was “…Just through 2900 miles around 8:30pm {NY Time}” And that he was still “… Going well even though it is a sticky NY evening”.

More news coming up shortly, but the exitement is beginning to mount as William has less than 200 miles still to run in order to become the first Scot, the first Briton, the first person over 60 and the oldest athlete ever to complete the 3,100 mile race…

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