Dec 212015

This an amusing read with David’s earthy writing style easy to get on with, even for a non-runner (my wife actually enjoyed it).  The book essentially covers David’s attempts at seventeen extreme,  ultra distance, adventure-type running races around the globe.  From the well known Marathon de Sable (MdS) in Morocco to the less well known Raid Amazonie, the Atacama Crossing and many more.

He doesn’t only like hot races either as he keeps returning to the Yukon Arctic Ultra in frozen Canada, gradually moving up from the 100 miler, then to the 320 miler and finally, the longest one they have on offer, the 430 mile event and all over a six year period.  Not sure what he’ll do now!

Whilst David started out on these adventures as a total novice, after watching a ten minute clip of the MdS on TV and having been the archetypal ‘couch potato’, making every mistake under the sun, he really did keep at it, learnt quickly and although he down plays his ability and often refers to himself as not a ‘race winner’ he is most certainly a race finisher!

It become clear over the 237 pages that Mr Berridge actually becomes quite good and eventually got onto the second step of the podium in the aforementioned Yukon Arctic Ultra 430 mile race.

His final quote sums up his approach to this fascinating branch of long distance running and its appeal to many:

“I have been beaten by older people of both sexes, people with limbs missing, people with pace makers fitted, hip replacements and cancer survivors. It doesn’t matter, I enter to see if I can reach the elusive finish line and when I do, the pain goes away, the smile returns and a feeling of joy, relief, bliss, happiness.  I haven’t the words to explain the feelings of finishing a tough challenge.”

This book will appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure whether put into practice or just dreamt about.  It would also be a useful read for anyone actually planning to do any of these challenges.

William Sichel

International Ultra distance Runner



Dec 122015


Skype/phone calls with William

William is happy to chat to clients using Skype or telephone – whichever is more convenient for you.

This can be a stand-alone consultation or as part of a monthly coaching package.

Consultations can be about anything you want including: training, specific race preparation, motivation, goal setting, mental approach in training and races.

Maybe your progress has stagnated? You need some fresh advice, a new approach?

Are you trying to break a tough barrier like a 5 hour, 4 hour or 3 hour marathon – or want to tackle your first ultra?

Maybe you are short of training time and want to consider briefer, more intensive training?

Is self confidence an issue – William can help here too.

William has developed highly successful methods for improving mental approach and preparation that have resulted in him setting hundreds of records at ultra distance running.  If you want to ‘step up’ to the next level and want to benefit from this knowledge and experience, then speak to William

Help is just a call away

Cost: £49 for up to an hour

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Dec 102015


It has now been confirmed that when competing at the Bislett Indoor International Endurance Festival 48 Hour race in Oslo last month I set 21 new age-group records, including the World M60 Record for completing 315.565km in 48 hours.

This means that I have now exceeded the total of 165 records targeted in my Project165 almost 3 years ahead of schedule.  When I planned this project obviously I had absolutely no idea how I would get on and a series of ‘bad’ races would have meant that I would certainly have need all of those 5 years that I planned.

Clearly successfully completing the 2014 3100 Mile race in New York – the World’s Longest Certified Footrace – was a mammoth step towards the Project as 54 records were earned there.

There is no end to this and I will announce a new Project in the New Year!

Nov 172015

Really looking forward to this one and so long since I was in Oslo (1977 as a table tennis player). The 24 hour event has been going for many years and its great that Geir and Sharon now feel confident enough to offer a 48 hour option as well.  Lets hope it all works well. My previous 48 hour races on road, track and indoor have always been blighted by stomach issues.

It is somewhat ironic that all my best road 48 hour performances were recorded as splits in much longer multiday races where stomach issues haven’t been an issue.

Time for all that to change!

The very well researched Vitargo has altered the picture now and is the only carb source I have found that doesn’t upset me and doesn’t cause the ‘stone in stomach’ feeling.  My plan was well rehearsed during the Tooting 24 hour in September so I’m looking forward to a good run in Norway.

My current indoor best is 344.267km /213.92 miles, set back in 2007 in the Czech town of Brno.

Many thanks to all my sponsors for helping to get me to Norway, Scapa Travel for booking the journey and to Alan Young for his crew support

Oct 132015

I’m looking forward to doing a number of talks again this winter starting this Thursday in Kirkwall, Orkney when I’ll be speaking to the University of the Third Age.

More talks are booked for the Sanday School, later this month, Kirkwall again for the CLAN Cancer Support Charity on March 17th.

Additionally I have promised a talk to the UCFB Wembley Stadium, where my coach David Murrie is Head of Sports Science. Date TBC.

Any group who might be interested in a talk anywhere in the UK – just ask and we can see what might be arranged.

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