Jul 102014

20140703_084934Update from Adrian (Tarit) in New York :

William totalled 62.5 miles on day 25. His race total passed the 1400 mile mark. ending the day on 1422.49 miles.

The rrace leader after day 25 is still Sarvagata Ukrainski  (Ukraine) with 1751.5 miles.

1st lady Sarah Barnett (Austrailia) passed 1550 miles (half way) late into the evening .

William once again starting the day strongly, slowed a bit in the midday sun but then ran strongly again in the evening.

Wllliam had a visit today from Kumar , his old Nepalese friend – they met and raced each other in the ‘Highland Fling’ a few years ago, when Kumar lived in Scotland (He now lives in New York).

Day 25y was a little cooler bt very very muggy with high humidity.

Jul 082014
William Sichel runs further than any other Scot - EVER.

William Sichel runs further than any other Scot – EVER.

William has passed the 1300 mile point in his journey toward 3100 miles – but there’s more to this landmark than a simple reversal of some numbers. Adrian (Tarit) over in New York explained this  :

“William reached 1300 miles earlier this morning in  23 days and 1 hour of racing!!” – please note, we are not claiming this as a 1300 mile record (William is only intending to claim records for multiples of 500 km and 500 miles e.g. 2000 km, 2500 miles etc) but the 1300 mile point has another significance.

Adrian continued : “One other scotsman (Al Howie from Ayrshire) had raced a distance of 1300 miles before, but now William is “boldly going” where no Scottish runner has gone before!!!”.

Yes, that’s right. No other Scottish athlete, of any age, has run further than 1300 miles in any officially measured race. Ever.

From this point on, every step William takes propels him a bit further into uncharted territory, and by default any times William sets for distances on the way to the 3100 mile finishing point are going to be Scottish records (and potentially British &or M60 age group records).

There’s going to be a lot more to come over the next 1800 miles….

PS – appologies for the lateness of this post, the internet connection here is very unstable at present (one of the drawbacks to blogging from the Northern Isles).

Jul 082014

Photos from earlier today

Jul 072014

Some photos from the race – more to come…

Jul 072014

2000kmAdrian / Tarit in New York tells me :

“Midnight arrives to close day 22, just after 11pm William reached 2000km (1242 miles) and closed the day with 1247 miles.”

This time/distance shouldl be a new M60 Scottish, GB & World Record

Adrian tells me that William’s 2000km time was 22 days, 16 hours, 50 mins and 06 secs “… but as aways have to await ratification.”
Adrian continued that this was “William’s 3rd consecutive day over 60 miiles saw him finish with 62 miles” (William had been suffering from a calf strain which stopped him running – but allowed him to walk – for several days, but he seems to have worked through this to a large extent now).
Adrian added that it is “…  very hot in the middle of the day.  A plan has evolved  for the very hot days. William runs steadily for the first 5-6 hiours from 6am to 11am  then in the heat of the day, William slows noticeably, not surprisingly as the temperature under clear skies reached well  over 30 Degrees. Then William seems to get into an evening routine as it cools down, to keep him running, well and in control right up to midnight.”
Jul 062014

20140701_131625Some updates from the race.

Adrian (Tarit) Stott tells me that “…So as of now. 5.pm Saturday William has completed 1158 miles”.

“Yesterday (Friday) Day20 he got back on track after 3-4 tough days with a calf problem, 30 degree days, and the Tropical storm that blew up on Wednesday,  and made 63 miles for the day.”
This was, as Adrian put it, “His best day for over a week.”
“…At 5Pm today he has covered over 32 miles today. And after his usual wee afternoon nap and a short massage he is all set for the cooler evening session when we hope he will touch 60 miles again for the day.”
Before leaving the race and handing over to Adrian, Tim Rainey sent me some photos (which will appear here shortly – as soon as I get a stable broadband connection!) and told me :
“William’s says the running feels good now. Also its raining and cooled down to 22 degrees with a bit of wind chill.”
While that might not sound like all that much fun, it’s actually very good from William’s point of view as 22 degrees C. is still a hot day by Orkney standards, and we are all somewhat used to the odd drop of rain on the isles… So William will really look on this as a very welcome break from the relentless heat of the earlier part of the race.
For those of you wondering how William is doing in terms of food, nutrition and weight-loss etc, although in the first weekWilliam felt he was probably under-eating a little – mostly to do with being self-crewed at the time so sometimes missing deliveries of food to the kitchen or not quite having enough time to sort out eating everything he should have been, he is otherwise manging to keep his weight mostly stable with only some very slight weight loss. Tim wrote :
(This week) “William weighes in at 129 pounds. 1 pound down on last week. Not very accurate – he was wearing his raincoat!”
Accurate or not, managing to only loose around 1lb (half a kilo) after 7 days of near-constant exercise is quite an achievement and shows both that William’s nutrition is working well and also that the race organisers are doing a good job of looking after the runners at the event.
More soon – Shaun
Jul 052014

Some good news from the race, but first a little background.

For most of the race so far, William has been suffering from a calf strain. Although it has not been bad enough to stop William from continuing in the race, it was for several days severe enough that he was forced to only walk as running was too painful and too potentially damaging to the muscle.

Those of you who have been checking the daily distance totals on the offical race website – the latest updates to which are here – will have realised that William’s daily mileage hasn’t been as high as we might have liked, essentially because William has had to walk and not run during this period.


William grabs a few minutes much-needed recovery for his calf...

Using the RICE principle to treat the problem, William grabs a few minutes much-needed recovery for his calf…

..... While waiting for some ice-cream to be delivered...

….. While waiting for some ice-cream to be delivered…
{William’s form of RICE = Rest, Ice-Cream, Elevation}

Speaking to William during the worst period of his calf problem, he described himself as being in “survival mode” with regard to the race, simply hanging on in their and doing his best to add whatever distance he could.

Every other lap or so he did some stretches on the calf, tried occasionally to run a lap just to see if the calf was feeling any better, but otherwise was walking for the entire day.

Tim Rainey told me during this period : “He sleeps with his feet up on a box. Feels like he’s getting good sleep. Waking up Ok.”

By yesterday morning (4th of July) the calf had improved a good deal, and at that point Tim wrote :

“William started well this morning. Running much more now 15 laps in the first 2 hours.”

And the latest news from Aidrian (Tarit) Stott – who is at the race and will shortly be taking over from Tim as William’s crewman – is that (Friday Night US time)it is :

“cooler tonight with a breeze and William and most of the runners are taking advantage of the conditions to run strongly right up to midnight when they retire to sleep! william’s calf seems to have settled down and he is having his best day of the week and is headng for a 60 mile plus day.”

With a tad of luck this will mark a return to focused running for William, who at the end of Day 19 of the race had covered 1061.38 miles and thus had just over another 2000 miles still to cover.

Jul 052014

Tim Rainey told me earlier today, in a rather understated way, that “…everyone takes their national holiday seriously here. Even the Ukranians. That’s  Stutisheel with the stars and stripes shorts.”

Jul 032014
Tropical Storm "Arthur" - On It's Way to New York...

Tropical Storm “Arthur” – On It’s Way to New York…

After the heat of the last few days, the tropical storm “Arthur” hit the race last night. Tim Rainey at trackside wrote :

“Quite amazing change in the weather. Mostly prepared for. People rubbing for cover and crowding on where ever they could. Lap counters too.”

The photos pretty much tell the story…




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