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Why does William need help?

Ultra-Running isn’t a big money sport.  Although ultra-distance racing has a very long history and is currently experiencing a boom in popularity with thousands of races being held around the world and hundreds of thousands of athletes taking part in ultra events globally, even athletes winning races and setting records rarely receive  prize money or any financial rewards for their successes and achievements. Most athletes have to meet all their racing and training expenses from their own pockets.

Despite having currently set numerous ultra-distance records, having won numerous top events and chasing some of the most arduous and difficult records in the world of athletics, William and his team of helpers operate on a shoe string budget.

William and his wife Elizabeth run a small business in Orkney, but the proceeds are not sufficient to fund all William’s running expenses, let alone those of his crew as well.  William has restricted the growth of his small business in order to allow him to develop his running career.

Whilst in most ultra distance events, a support crew are not a requirement of entry, if one is trying for a peak performance and to break records they are essential. William usually takes at least one crew person and occasionally two or three, for the longer multi-day races.

Typical race expenses include:

    1. Entry Fees: typically for a 6 Day event the cost will be £400-£500
    2. Flights to the event
    3. Transfers: airport-accommodation and accommodation to race venue
    4. Hotel accommodation prior to and after the event.  Travelodge type hotels are usually chosen.  During the event, runner and crew usually camp at the track side
    5. Food costs for all
    6. Web site administration and blog support

Typical Training Expenses include:

  1. Shoes & clothing £300 a year
  2. Massage and chiropractic £1000 a year
  3. “Training Camps” £500 a year

William has been successful in attracting sponsorship in many forms but, unfortunately, it doesn’t cover all travel and subsistence costs or all his training and medical support costs, let alone his crew costs as well.

William is an enthusiastic saver and plans well ahead to get the best deals in travel and accommodation.  He has been very grateful for the private benefactors who have already come forward and for other grants and donations received for previous events.

He is now looking for some additional financial support.

How can you help?

Help can take any of several forms, including making a financial donation, offering product sponsorship, giving assistance with travel and/or accommodation or helping to crew during a race.

All offers of support are very welcome and much appreciated!

Financial Donations

Commercial/Corporate Sponsorship

If you are interested in offering or discussing corporate / commercial sponsorship then please contact

Private/Personal Sponsorship

Support can be offered in a variety of ways:

      1. A lump sum donation via PayPal, cheque or bank transfer
      2. ‘Micro-Sponsorship’ in which a small monthly payment is sent to William by Standing Order from the donor’s bank or PayPal account
      3. A donation for a specific cost or event eg William’s entry fee to a particular race or his flight costs to a certain venue.

If you are interested in making a personal / private donation no matter how small or large then there are several ways you can do this

Paypal Link:

Cheque – Made payable to “William Sichel” and posted to Upper Breckan, Sanday, Orkney KW17 2AZ

Bank Transfer

Contact William for details

William is extremely grateful for any donations.  If benefactors wish to remain anonymous this will be respected, however William would also be delighted to acknowledge, either publicly or privately, their support. If you make a donation William will be happy to explain how the money will be used and personally acknowledge your support.

Product Sponsorship

If you would like to sponsor William by offering products or services please email William


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